IFS Team Members:
Rope Access Training

On (Some Date) part of the ifs team gathered in edmoton and receved Sprat & Irata rope access training. this has bin an invaluble tool in our oparations ever since.


2017-04-23 17.08.54

On (some date) the ifs team under took a project in SLP Minnisoda, this project would intail the instalation of one of the largest single panels ever made (some dementions) this would test our abilitys to addapt and overcome new chanlenges as no one has etempted this befor.



On (some date) the ifs team helped in the retrofiting of the planed hollywood bilding in disny springs florda, the retro fit was aimed to make the existing structure look like an observitiory the teams hand in this project was to install gray PTFE panels over the existing structure. do to the close proximity to other trades and pedestrieans this project had its own chalenjes to overcome.


IFS Team Member performing rope access sevives in LSP Minnasota usa

Here we see an ifs team member performing rope access serveses in SLP Minnisoda USA



The ifs team recovering the ampatheater at the state fair grounds in tampa flotda usa.


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